Sylvester Stallone With His Family

July 18th, 2012Hollywood Celebrities
The biggest all time superstar of the Hollywood industry, Sly Stallone. Actor, director, producer and writer, a 4 in 1 combo. Sylvester Stallone is a raging superstar of the industry and yes famous too. Pouring out dialogues with his sloped mouth, who knew that he would get such fame on his born disability? Writer of some of the most famous movies like Rambo, Cliffhanger and many other evergreen movies. Of course there’s no need of his introduction. Movies like the expendables in which he acted and directed all the action heroes on a single platform.
In his early life facing so many controversies he had to leave his spouse. In the mid 80’s he had a second relation but the relation didn’t go far. But after that, when his industry life and personal life got stable he got married to Jennifer Flavin. Stallone has four daughters Seargeoh, Sophia, Sistine, Scarlet. Sly had a son from his early spouse which deceased in 2008.
Some of his pictures with his family have been out which may please you to see that he lives a happy life now!