Marina Bay Sands Singapore

July 17th, 2012Buildings
Singapore, one of the most beautifully built countries in the world. As everyone knows that Singapore is not that big, so traveling, camping and other outdoors are not quite possible. But one thing Singapore is famous for, is its hotels and luxury resorts. One of the most enchanting and beautiful hotels you could find in Singapore is the Marina Bay Sands. Yes, Luxury at its best.
The Hotel consists of 2561 rooms, a 13 hundred thousand square foot exhibition centre, a beautiful museum, two big theaters,  2 floating crystal pavilions, a rink for ice skating and the world’s largest atrium Casino. Besides its luxury and comforts, the most attractive of all is the outstanding 150m swimming pool and a 390m long Sky Park. The Sky park is capable of having 3900 people at a time.
The Unique design of the Marina Bay Sands was proposed by Moshe Safdie a famous Architect. The total cost in bringing a piece of Singapore land to a hotel like Marina Bay Sands, it took around 8 billion $.
The Marina Bay Sands was officially opened on the 23rd June 2010. After its opening many celebrities had a visit here including Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, the Wonder Girls and many other Stars.
So if you ever visit Singapore, don’t forget to have a day or two at the Marina Bay Sands because it’s a moment in a lifetime.