White Desert Egypt In Pictures

White Desert Egypt In Pictures

February 25th, 2012Nature
If you‘re a travel geek and always wanted to explore new places, the White Desert in Farafra, Egypt will definitely attract your attention instantly. This is the main geographic attraction of Farafra and is also known as Sahara el Beyda. The White Desert of Egypt is located 45 km north of the town of Farafra and is main tourists’ attraction. There is a white and cream color massive chalk rock formation in the area which is result of occasional sandstorm in the area. The area is normally visited by those who camp there, so if you’re on tour of Egypt, do not miss the white desert there in Farafra.
white desert egypt 1
white desert egypt 2
white desert egypt 3
white desert egypt 4
white desert egypt 5
white desert egypt 6
white desert egypt 7


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